• Why we believe in fair credit

    Why we believe in fair credit

    We’re passionate about helping you rewrite your credit story. We get to know your past, so we can concentrate on your future. By unlocking access to money at fair rates and flexible terms, we’re creating better loans for better lives.

Benefits of LendingPoint


We find more reasons to say YES. We unlock access to loans up to $25,000 by focusing on your financial potential rather than your financial past.


You should only take out a loan that you can afford to pay back. We give you options, so you can find a monthly payment plan that will work within your budget.


We understand your story. We’re your financial advocates. We want to help get you on the fast track to success and see you win.



Our team of friendly loan and customer support specialists are here to help you via email or by phone 888-969-0959.

How We Have Helped


Quick and Easy Loan Process

They are easy to work with...

Lindy - Hanover, MN

Went the Extra Mile

Each person I dealt with was most respectful...

Kathleen - Minneapolis, MN

* These are paid actors recreating customer experiences.

How we advocate for fair credit consumers

We are casting a new light on fair credit, revealing new and better opportunities. We look beyond the credit score to understand the human element of what your unique story is.

Tom Burnside

Tom Burnside


As CEO of LendingPoint, Tom Burnside offers his vision and expertise for protecting, nourishing, and growing each customer’s financial future. Tom brings over 25 years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge to LendingPoint’s day-to-day operations. An accomplished credit and financial services leader, awarded patent developer, and trusted data scientist with a heart for the human side of lending, Tom understands the value of working one-on-one with an experienced financial expert. 

Juan E. Tavares

Juan E. Tavares

Chief Strategy Officer

Juan E. Tavares is LendingPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer, working to distill stories from data, leverage investor relations, and nurture new opportunities in the lending market. With over 15 years of success as a private investor, Juan also serves as the Business Development Director for the Tavares Private Equity Group, exercising his executive leadership with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and international industries.